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Sanitizing is an add-on procedure carried out after the air duct system & vents are cleaned. We recommend our customers hire our sanitization services primarily if there is microbial growth inside the ductwork. By sanitizing the HVAC system, you can remove a wide variety of harmful microbes including aspergillus fumigatus, mycobacterium bovis, staphylococcus aureus and legionella pneumophila. Another procedure that accompanies sanitization is deodorization. This process is carried out to ensure that the air you are breathing does not contain any foul smell. Read through the sections below to know more about sanitizing and deodorizing services offered by AirDuct King.

Professional Sanitizing Treatments For The Ductwork

Sanitizing Service ChicagoAirDuct King offers our customers the perfect sanitizing treatment for ductwork. There are certain rules to be followed while sanitizing the ductwork, which you can expect with a professional and reputable air duct cleaning company like AirDuct King. Ideally, a sanitization procedure should start with thorough cleaning of the ductwork. Once the ducts are cleaned properly, Oxine-HVAC gets sprayed into the ductwork. The spraying is done at the return air-side and a special fogger is used.

Deodorizing Treatments For The Ductwork

Sanitizing Service Illinois

EnviroCon HVAC: An essential step of the sanitizing procedure is deodorizing. AirDuct King deodorizes the air duct system using EnviroCon. The principal function of EnviroCon is controlling bad odors generated by smoke, mold, bacteria, mildew, and animals. The best thing about EnviroCon is that it does not include any masking agent or perfume (masking agents and perfumes are known for harming the environment). As a result, it is environmentally safe. EnviroCon is approved for industrial, commercial and residential uses.