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Air Duct King Equipment vs. The Other Companies

AirDuct King specializes in air duct cleaning. Unlike many of our rivals, we never perform air duct cleaning tasks using subpar carpet cleaning equipment. When hiring the services of an air duct cleaning company, you must check what kind of equipment they are using. The market is filled with crooks who only offer quick and shoddy performances. There are several instances when the technicians representing these companies do not clean the air duct systems at all. You will come across several duct cleaning companies that offer their services for extremely low prices.

This might allure you at first, but while finalizing the deal you will find that they are charging you much higher prices. The most common excuse is that the services you are looking for were not included in the original duct cleaning package. At AirDuct King, we are completely upfront and honest about our prices. Our technicians perform our cleaning jobs using Truck Mounted Power Vac Duct Cleaning Equipment. The feature that makes these trucks the ideal air duct cleaning equipment is their ability of accomplishing the cleaning jobs with utmost power.

Unlike the portable units, our cleaning equipment pulls out all the dusts and debris from the dirty air ducts and collects them in the trucks. A recently conducted survey has revealed that customers who hired companies that use poor equipment to clean their HVAC systems had to re-clean them. We frequently get calls from people who have got their systems cleaned only a few weeks ago, but are again having problems.

When our technicians inspect those systems they either find that the previously hired service providers have not cleaned them at all or the systems have already been subject to recontamination. You will not have any such experience if you hire our duct cleaning services. Thus, if you are in search of a company that will flawlessly clean your ducts, contact us without any further delay. Submit a free online estimate form, or call one of the numbers below. Toll free number: 1-888-877-DUCTOffice phone number: 847-956-1111