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Check the images displayed below to see what happens when the highly flammable lint gets ignited.? The image on the top right shows how unsafe and flammable White Vinyl is. After seeing these images, do you feel that you can afford to keep White Vinyl in your home?Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Below, we have listed some situations when you should opt for dryer vent cleaning. Often experts refer to these situations as warning signs. You must watch out for these warning signs to ensure that your dryer vent is cleaned at the right time.

1. You should get the dryer vent cleaned when you find that clothes like jeans and towels are taking too much time (for instance more than 1 cycle) to dry. This happens mostly due to clogging of the dryer vents. If it is not cleaned at the right time, clogged vents can end up damaging the dryer.

2. On rare occasions, you may find that the lint screen does not have any visible lint on it although the fabrics keep on producing lint. Such situations also call for dryer vent cleaning.

3. Get your dryer vent cleaned if you find that the clothes are still damp when the dryer stops after a cycle.

4. If you find that the dried clothes have excess lint on them, you should contact a dryer vent cleaning company immediately. Presence of excess lint on clothes signifies that lint is not collected properly on the dryer’s lint screen.

5. Cleaning the dryer vent is important if you find that the clothes are hot after completing a dryer cycle. Hot clothes signify that the unclean vent is forcing the dryer to work extra hard.

6. Cleaning is also must if the dryer’s top becomes hot during operation.

7. Get the dryer vent cleaned if the clothes carry a moldy smell at the end of the cycle. Such smell occurs as a result of accumulation of moisture within the dryer ducts. The moisture cannot be eliminated due to lint accumulation.

What are The Benefits of Dryer?Vent Cleaning Services?

There are quite a few benefits of dryer vent cleaning; the list below informs you about the most prominent ones among them:

  • Eliminates fire hazards
  • Allows you to save on your utility bills
  • Reduces drying times
  • Increases the life of the dryer

How does AirDuct King work to solve your home dryer vent lint issues safely and effectively? We use a special tool called a ‘Spinning Reverse Ball’ along with compressed air for cleaning dryer vents. This special tool works by shooting the air backwards i.e. into the dryer vent’s termination hood. This blows all the lint outside the dryer vent. Finally, our technician collects the eliminated lint and disposes it of following the rules set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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